My Favorite Hindi Movies

At the risk of being called pretentious or artsy-fartsy, I’d like to say that I love watching foreign films. I enjoy watching subtitled films, which is why I don’t complain when someone decides to play a Japanese, Thai, or French film.

A genre that I’ve come to really appreciate is Hindi cinema. Most of us have probably seen 3 Idiots or My Name is Khan. An Indian friend of mine recently introduced us to even more Hindi films, and I’ve come to realize that there is a goldmine of excellent Hindi films that remain largely unappreciated. My friend made several recommendations and gave me several titles to watch. So today, I am making a list of my favorites, sharing trailers (some with no English subtitles), and I’m pushing you to go check them out.

I won’t go into much detail, I’ll let the trailers speak for the movies.

Bajrang Bhaijaan

I really enjoyed this film. I first decided to see it because of Kareena Kapoor, but found myself charmed by Salman Khan’s character as well.

Dear Zindagi

This one had a very slow start, but had me crying, eventually. Really good movie.


I really really like Deepika Padukone, and this just shows how talented she is.


Another Deepika Padukone film, this time with Ranbir Kapoor. This was a bit draggy in the middle, but still very good.

Kapoor & Sons

I looooooved this film. I couldn’t stop crying.


Happy watching!