Wedding Planning Update

Today, I realized that our wedding is a little over 6 months away. We’re full on planning mode and it’s fun, though it involves a bit of pressure. So, today I decided to see what I’ve been able to accomplish over the past few months.

  • March: resized my engagement ring (it was 2 sizes too big!), and discussed wedding ring options with the jeweler. Compiled a list of prospective vendors. Looked at wedding dress options.
  • April: booked and paid deposits for the venue, caterer, stylist, florist, makeup artist, photographer and videographer, and day-of coordinator.
  • May: selected our wedding ring designs and paid for them. Scouted dressmakers for wedding dress and fiance’s tux.
  • June: selected members of our wedding entourage, drafted the wedding invite design. Contacted printer to ask for input.
  • July: chose pegs for entourage attire. This was tough. Drafted guest list. Bought a house. (!!!)
  • August: took bridesmaids out to look at bridesmaids dresses. Paid deposit for wedding dress and tux. Started setting dates with principal sponsors.

Things I still have to do:

  • Create a lookbook for our meeting with the stylist.
  • Set a date with our officiant to discuss the wedding.
  • Complete the requirements for our marriage license application.
  • Hold a gathering where my family can finally meet my fiance’s family.
  • Get started on all DIY projects
  • Work on the reception program and script
  • Create a wedding playlist
  • Schedule the prenup shoot
  • Distribute invitations
  • Write down my vows (ack)

All in all, planning has been smooth sailing and we haven’t gone over our set budget. I also haven’t had any bridezilla moments – and I hope I don’t.  I’m very intimidated by the thought of writing my own vows, so I’m thinking of getting started on that soon so I have plenty of time to review and revise whatever I write.

Weddings aren’t a strong suit for me. When I was in high school, I hung out with girls who already knew what they wanted to happen at their own weddings. I didn’t understand why they had such a set idea at such a young age. So when I got engaged, I had no idea where to begin and what I even wanted. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Google.