Fool Proof Gift Ideas for the Clueless Gift Giver

I’m not an awesome gift-giver. In fact, during the Christmas season I kind of leave gift shopping at the last minute because I just. Don’t. Want. To. Deal. With. It. It’s not that I don’t like giving gifts, it’s just that the whole ordeal of figuring out what a person would like is just a bit overwhelming. No one wants to give a gift that’s just going to be regifted or forgotten about, right? Over the years, however, I’ve been able to get a formula down. While I still don’t look forward to the shopping part, these ideas have somewhat lessened the pain I’ve always associated with shopping for gifts.

Here are my 5 go-to gifts for all occasions:


Who doesn’t love food?! I don’t think there’s a person who exists that hates food. It’s something people bond over, something that can be shared with friends, family members, lovers, even coworkers, and acquaintances! I think food is something that can bring people from different walks of life together.

One Christmas, I really didn’t want to go shopping at all, so I went to the grocery store and bought some baking essentials. I spent evenings laboring in the kitchen, baking batches and batches of cookies. There were chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal… the recipients loved it.

Alternatively, if you can’t cook and prefer to buy, it’s very easy to assemble a gift basket filled with delicious goodies.

Gift cheques

Another thing I go for when I absolutely have no idea what a person likes would be gift cheques. I find this a big relief since that person can just go and buy something that they really like. Personally, I like receiving gift cheques as well, since it’s something I’m definitely bound to use since it’s as good as cash.

Gadget accessories

This one is especially for the guys. Guys love their gadgets. Whether it’s a nifty new phone case, a nice pouch for their Nintendo 3DS, or some cool accessories for their gaming console… anything to make their precious toys look spiffy is going to be a sure winner.

Personal stuff

Well, not too personal. I’ve recently realized that the stuff I hated getting when I was a kid is what I actually would like to receive these days. Who wouldn’t say no to a luxurious set of towels or bed sheets, a nice memory foam pillow, or some stuff for the house? Or maybe it’s just because I’m about to get married. I seriously would love to receive a nice set of wooden hangers this Christmas.


When in doubt, give cash. This is my favorite gift of all. I also tend to give cash to my nieces and nephews since it’s more convenient, and it can come with pointers on learning how to save money at a young age.