Bolinao Getaway 2017

This is the first – and probably last – beach trip of the year for me, since the rainy season is rolling in. I have never been to Bolinao, all of the beaches I’ve visited have been located in the South, so this was a new experience.

We were a group of 9, with two cars, and a maximum budget of 3,000 per head. We started driving at 4AM on Sunday and arrived at Alaminos at around 10:00AM. We wanted to go on the Hundred Islands tour, however, we missed the cut-off for the day. We decided to have lunch instead and make our way to our accommodations in Bolinao.

Casa Almarenzo Bolinao Pangasinan

We arrived at Casa Almarenzo at 1:00PM, an hour before check-in. We hung out by the pool as we waited. I have a thing for kitschy, quaint places like this. It isn’t a five-star hotel, but these bed and breakfasts usually have character and very nice people running the place. We were allowed to take our pick of the rooms and we settled in for a much-needed nap.

Our original plan was to go to the beach, but we were too tired for that. We ended up visiting the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, snacking on binungey purchased from local vendors, and then going straight to the Giant Taklobo for dinner.

Binungey delicacy from Bolinao

Pangasinan is beautiful at night. It was great to be away from the noise and the smog of the city. We were allowed to hang out at the pool until 10:00PM. The rest of the night was spent watching movies in our rooms (and drinking).

We had an early start the next morning. We went straight to view the rock formations. It’s definitely worth visiting. The waves were very playful that day, so we took a lot of nice photos, and it was just really nice to watch.

Patar Rock Formation

Another spot worth visiting is the Enchanted Cave Resort. It’s a natural underground spring pool. The water is a clear emerald green, though it’s extremely cold. And deep. I can’t swim so I had to rent a life vest at the entrance for a measly P30, if I remember correctly. No pictures inside the cave since I don’t have a waterproof camera.

Afterward, we headed to Costa Del Fuego, where we rented a kubo and had lunch. Patar Beach is beautiful. The sand is so fine and soft and the water is clean and beautiful. We stayed there until 5:00PM, which was when we started our journey back to Manila.

Patar Beach

Of course, before leaving, we had to do a scorpion stretch on the sand..